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Re: [RC] Jack Russell Terrors - Advantage Saddles

I suppose with dog breeds as well as horse breeds, bloodlines tell.  I have
a FoxTerror that is coming ten years old this summer.  He is short haired,
long legged, and from what I understand, from the old Fox Terrier breeding
not the new stuff.  I purchased him unpapered from an older couple, who bred
them for years at home.  He is the sweetest, kindest, gentlest dog as well
as the cutest.  Everyone loves Bandit.  His best friend is the tabby cat, I
often let them out together in the am and they stand shoulder to shoulder on
the porch, her tail wrapped around his stubby one, surveying the property.
Yes, he kills rodents. Mice in the barn are doomed.  When he was small, he
even caught a ground squirrel and drug it kicking and screaming down the
hillside to the Golden Retriever so she could kill it(the little dog and
rodent were pretty much the same size, he needed aid).  These days he tag
teams with his cat, she does the hunting, he comes in late to play with it,
and help with the kill on big ones... almost always she lets him eat
Bite a kid or bother a horse?  Never. Never had a dog less inclined to be
nasty.  However, if there is one downfall to this particular dog, it is that
he loves to bark.  Almost seems like he holds it all in at night and has to
spew out noise in the am.  But we love him to pieces...he is a great dog.


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[RC] Jack Russell Terrors, Beth Bennett