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Re: [RC] [AERCMembersForum] Re: [RC] LDs as Endurance - RDCARRIE

In a message dated 12/6/2004 12:06:46 PM Eastern Standard Time, "Jena Williams" 
<equus_blue@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

As a rank newbie I do not have all this historical experiences.nbsp; I simply 
see the system as it is now and wonder why LD miles are different miles.nbsp; 
Yes, the strategy for LD is different than a 50.nbsp; Yes, there are things 
you can get away with in LD that you can't in a 50.nbsp; Can't that same 
reasoning be used when comparing 50's and 100's? or multi-days?nbsp; They are 
each different, and all require endurance beyond 99.9% of the trail riders 
out there. nbsp; I personally like some things about LD that I do not see in 
the "real" endurance events.nbsp; Like the finish is based on meeting pulse 
criteria.nbsp; That says alot about a horses conditioning.nbsp; Yes, there 
are hot shoes in LD.nbsp; You know, I have seen them in 50's too!nbsp; If you 
don't like the way BC is awarded in LD's (because it encourages "racing" to 
be in the top ten) change it across the board.nbsp; Don't judge today's LD 
rider based on "racers" of years gone by.nbsp; nbsp; My solution would be: 
miles is miles.nbsp; Still have distance divisions for awards (points 
earned).nbsp; Completion of a 50 is worth more points than winning/BC a 25. 
And so on up through 100's/multidays. nbsp; Jena nbsp; nbsp; 

Hmmm...I don't recall saying I'm against people racing LDs...in fact, I said 
just the opposite, that I'm ok with it if that's what people want to do and 
their horse is in shape for it - and said that I feel the same way about longer 
distances.  I don't think I could have been any clearer about that if I tried.  
Unless, perhaps (as my dad always used to say about some folk LOL), I smacked 
people up alongside the head with a 2x4 to get their attention and make sure 
they were listening, *then* said what I had to say.  <G>  

**sigh**  Another case of people making *themselves* feel inferior, and then 
projecting that feeling onto other posts, regardless of what was actually said. 

Folks, no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.  You condition 
your horse, you do the miles, you should feel good about those miles, 
regardless of whether it was a 25 or a 100 or a 5-day multiday.  But AERC has a 
definition of endurance, and it's 50 miles or more.  Those are the rules that 
the game is played by, the rules that everyone knew existed when they decided 
to get into the game.  It seems like this is the only sport I know that people 
get into, and then want the rules to be rewritten because they don't like the 
way the game is played.

Dawn (who has more LD miles than endurance miles at this point, and does NOT 
want them all combined)
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