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Re: [RC] [RC] ? LDs as Endurance - RDCARRIE

In a message dated 12/6/2004 9:57:08 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
tprevatt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

It matters little what they are called - if the second class "stigma" of "not 
really endurance" is still present. We need an attitude adjustment - an 
acceptance rather than a name change. We need to stop the bickering that is 
dividing the endurance family and come together and recogonize each for their 
own merits (from the LD to FEI 100)and own accomplishments. Until that happens 
- name change or not - we will still be divided and we will still have the 
periodic "the scum bags that run thier horses into the gournd going for 
placement and "God forbid" BC on an LD need to be all taken out and tied to the 
saddle and forced to ride a very slow 100 miles and then pulled off thier horse 
and whiped with a cat of nine tails just for good measure" fist fights. It just 
gets down to a matter of respect. Until that respect is there -what you call it 
will matter little. Truman

Yes, I agree there needs to be respect for all distances.  But frankly, I don't 
see or hear about many who do the longer distances expressing disrespect for 
those who prefer to stick to the shorter distances.  Seems to me like those who 
prefer or need to stick to LD (for whatever reason - time, health, or just 
plain <gasp!> preference) are getting all worked up about this "lack of 
respect" - when I just don't see it.  Kind of giving themselves an inferiority 
complex!  Yes, I've noticed a few on these boards who are pretty anti-LD.  But 
most are not.  As for me, I do both LD and 50.  I might be in the minority, but 
I don't have problems with people doing fast LDs, or trying for BC, etc. *as 
long as they ride within their horses' ability and conditioning*.  But you know 
what?  I feel the same about those who race 50s or longer distances - as long 
as they ride within their horses ability, I say go for it.  I'm not personally 
into racing, but I certainly don't look down on those who do - at any distance. 
That's what I like at this sport...there's room for people to ride however 
they want.  

Again, I just don't see this purported disrespect for the folks who want to 
ride LD and don't plan to move up to longer distances.  The main ones I hear 
talking about it are the LD riders themselves...seems to me like it's a 
self-fullfilling prophecy.  *They* need to stop feeling like they are second 
class citizens...because the vast majority of those riding longer distances 
don't see them that way.  Just go ride your horses, folks...

Dawn in East Texas
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