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[RC] shadow rolls, shying - Chris Eickleberry

Betsy- I have been considering this very same thing- years ago, I remember reading about a Standard bred race mare named Shady Daisy, who was fitted with an unusual shadow roll with prongs sticking up out of it, to keep her from shying at birds in the infield of the track…..guess the things sticking up interrupted her field of vision enough to prevent her from shying?? (anybody out there have any idea why neurologically speaking, this would work??)

?I have an arab/app gelding who has dumped me countless times when he startles at things- he’ll be moving down the trail nice and relaxed and easy, and WHAM, all of a sudden he exits about 6 feet to the side, at a leaf flutter or a squirrel or who knows what…..so this past year I have been using a string fly shield thingy- kind of a macramé browband with strings hanging down his face- and lo and behold, he has quit startling!!!!......it may look weird when the snow starts flying, but who cares!

maybe just a coincidence- hey, he’ll probably dump me next time we go out....but food for thought………regards, Chris E./Indiana