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[RC] {SPAM?} Riding on a Budget - mkrumlaw

When I started distance riding I was in my early to mid 20's.  I was 
working full time, going to school part-time, and my now ex-husband was 
working on his 2nd Ph. D. (everyone needs two...right?) so money was a 
little tight.  I found someone else interested in distance riding and we 
went to events together, shared gas costs, trailer costs, etc.  Slept in 
a tent used a cooler and a grill..life was good.  I also lived in an area 
that was pretty close to a lot of rides.  Many were CTR rides but I still 
was riding and was new enough to distance riding that I didn't care.  
Plus I thought the ribbons were cool.  I bought one really good saddle, 
one really good bride etc. and those items lasted for years.  Had one 
horse and took really good care of him.  I boarded my horse but would 
clean stalls for extra cash.

As someone stated, you have to reduce your living costs or increase your 
income.  I opted for the later.  I continued to ride but seriously 
focused on my career. This plan paid off very well for me. 

I eventually married someone that rides (this significantly reduces the 
stress involved in domestic discussions of the annual equine budget.)  As 
luck would have it we've both done well with our careers, we have no 
children (well unless you count Corgi's), and are fortunate enough to be 
able to as we please for the most part.

Life is about choices and balance.

It's also like the sport of endurance.  You grow and add to the 
collection with each mile ridden, doesn't matter if it's equipment or 
knowledge, it all takes time.


I also live by "no one said it was cheap, easy, or

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