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[RC] Future of Arabian horses - Mary Ann Spencer

I am not up to date on the 'numbers' BUT having tried the 'grow your arabian' route, it is not surprising to hear the discussion about numbers of Arabians decreasing.  The math just doesn't work in the favor of the small breeder. 
Some of the reasons as I see it:
1.  Cost of registration
2.  Lack of ordinary and affordable shows for showing
3.  Politics in the show ring affecting the novice negatively.
4.  Sale prices are directly related to the politics.
5.  In TX, only endurance riders and a few show people have Arabians.
6.  Arabians ARE more sensitive and hence more flighty than Qtr horses which are the 'all time favorite' for the ordinary noncompeting rider.
7.  Cost of keeping the expensive horse is expensive:  ie special barns, special riding instructors,  special saddles, special tack, etc
8.  Average Arab is not 'hefty' and henc the average person over 66 inches considers them too fine boned and not tall enough.  Hence, the quest to build the taller Arab.
9.  Main profit seems to be from buying them cheap, training them to accept riders and then resale.  I recently bought a half arab for $400 as a 2 yr old.  Back in 1980, a half Arab was $800.  Do the math.  With only established farms being able to take a farm deduction, a horse seems to be a beautiful animal with 4 hooves and a month into which one pours money with a negative balance occuring.  
10.  The world is becoming less country and more city. 
11.  Where is the next generation of horse people?  Who will continue? 
12.  With some many of us so busy working and trying to stay afloat, it is hard to do much campaigning.  
13.  Golden Rule, the alternate one:  He who has the gold, makes the rules. 
                            IMHO, Mary Ann