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Re: [RC] Tevis photos - rider position - Lynne Glazer

The angle used for those Tevis shots is not conducive to evaluating rider position, in my opinion. You'd have to have a sample of side shots to be fair, like the CR shots I've seen.

Digression: side shots are nice but the terrain doesn't always allow for it. Some event shooters shoot vertical 3/4 from the front to be nicer to the riders, and the horses look better than straight from the front. Straight on reveals uneven stirrups sometimes not due to the leather length but rider issues like a hip rotated forward, reveals collapsed ribcage to one side, a hunched or rotated forward shoulder, chin dropped, etc..

Speaking of rider form, wait till you see the Oct EN cover--the most perfect rider flying dismount, on the offside, already holding her vet card 1/4 mile before the check after 60+ miles (and no, it's not on my website). And yeah, she tied for the win. :-)

(04 NCs photog)

On Aug 12, 2004, at 9:01 AM, Lif Strand wrote:

At 07:58 AM 8/12/2004, Kristi Schaaf wrote:
it would be really interesting (if it was
possible) to compare who finished with who had a
really nice riding position in the photo.

I watched the Cougar Rock tape over and over when I was working the AERC booth at Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show years ago. I thought the same thing - that it would be interesting to see if there was any correlation between rider position going over the Rock and completions.

Video or .mpg images might be better than a single photo for the reason you gave. That would be a fun study - a panel of people who had the credentials to critique riding position who are locked in a room with these tapes or images for a week or more until they come up with a list maybe rating riding styles from 1 to 10 compared to completion lists. Anyone want to do it? Funding would be required for pizza and beer (or wine) and the same motel rooms they use to lock jurors in.

   Lif Strand      fasterhorses.com
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[RC] Tevis photos - rider position, Kristi Schaaf
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