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[RC] Horses - drinking - GarnerT

I've found that since my horse has gained some weight, he doesn't seem to
drink as early as he used to.  When I saw him from a distance last year at
Bridgeport, I was shocked at how thin he appeared.  I've been working for a
year to put weight on him, & he's looking good.  However, he used to drink
right away.  I'm wondering if a little fat reserve helps him with hydration.
What do you guys think?  He has done 2 multiday rides now, and although we
rode slowly, he finished very strong.  He didn't appear to have lost a lot
of weight, was sound, and seemed to have a lot of energy left.  The vets
never said anything negative about his hydration.

Kathy Garner

There are 2 ways to win at this sport. You take a horse and race him for a
short time and then find a new horse or you can take one horse , do the
homework and spend many miles and years enjoying that horse.
~  Paddi Sprecher

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