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Re: [RC] [RC] Humidity & Sweating - heidi

The part you may be missing is where the inefficiently cooled (that is,
still overheating) body says "gosh, still too hot, better sweat MORE".
I think that's what is going on, anyway.

Actually, one still sweats an incredible amount in low humidity--it just
doesn't hang around on the skin where one notices it.  :-)  But I KNOW all
that liquid I drink on hot days in a dry climate has to go somewhere,
because I sure as heck don't have to pee!  :-)

That said, I think the thing that is not considered here is that
biological organisms are far more complex than just the numbers of liters
in and the numbers of liters out, or even measuring the grams of lytes in
and out.  Bottom line--the living cells only function properly in a very
narrow temperature range.  The horse that sweats and achieves cooling by
doing so continues to function in a physiologically normal manner, barring
some other extreme circumstance.  The horse that sweats and then cooks in
his own juices because the sweat can't evaporate can have some serious
metabolic problems just due to the temperature alone.  Even having to warm
up a big drink of water helps to dissipate that body heat to some small

One can get into trouble extrapolating between species, but I know that
personally, it also makes a HUGE difference to me whether I am ingesting
coolish water that helps to absorb some of my body heat vs water that has
been in my pommel bag long enough on a hot day to be somewhere in the same
temperature range as the ambient temperature and my horse's body!  The
latter may replace my sweat losses just as effectively, but in no way does
it have the same cooling effect!  By the same token, I think horses do
better when they can drink out of streams or springs that remain somewhat
cool, or if the water truck just came around with a fresh fill-up for the
tanks, than they do if the water has been sitting there several hours in a
tank in the sunshine on a hot day...


REAL endurance is reading the LD vs. Endurance thread/debate every 3
~ Heidi Sowards

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