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Re: [RC] 100 Clinic at Liberty Run - Any Interest - Timothy Worden


I for one would attend.  Ever since doing my first 50
last year and finding out I really could do more than
just LDs, I definitely see 100miles 1 day as doable. 
Lately RideCamp has been focusing on how to get people
started and LDs being the popular training ground for
that.  There are quite a few mentors who are willing
and available and I think people are doing pretty well
getting started.  Now we need to take it further and
encourage those horse and rider teams to take it a
step further.  I've mentioned in recent posts that
100milers are my goal.  Maybe with a clinic or two,
you can inspire and encourage others to the same goal.
I can't drop $3k+ on an instant 100mile horse, so I'm
bringing a couple young horses into the sport over the
next couple years. It's still going to be a year or
two before I'll attempt my first 100 with them.  Until
they're ready, I'll be competing in 25-50mile training
rides, and maybe a 75 as they become more available. 
Would Saturday be a possibility for this clinic?  See
you at Liberty Run.


--- Stagg_Newman@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Kathy Ramspott wrote:
That is my long term goal, to do a 100.  The 25's
will be just
part of the time that has to go in to get there. 
So, at least you now 
1 SE rider that has the goal of a 100 once my horse
is ready.


Glad to hear your interest in doing 100s!  Wish you
success to the goal
and let me know if I can answer any questions.

And to folks going to Liberty Run:

My wife and I plan to go and bring a couple of our
newer horses
and perhaps my 20 year old.  Would be willing to do
a clinic
on completing 100 milers if there is interest.

Is there?


Personally, I shouldn't give a s--- where the other people on the course
are, and if I find myself starting to concern myself over this, I remind
myself that this is the first step on the road to overriding my horse and
tell myself to "knock it off!"  :)
~  Kat Swigart

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[RC] 100 Clinic at Liberty Run - Any Interest, Stagg_Newman