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Re: [RC] Training Horses Not To Pee in Trailer (was trailer question) - TypeF \(Jackie Floyd\)

My "main squeeze" Tank will not pee or poop in the trailer ... ever. He
doesn't mess his stall in the barn either unless it's muddy and raining
outside. However, my other gelding will pee in the trailer the absolute
minute you close the door, even if he's just pee'd 5 minutes ago outside.
That's rather annoying ...

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Subject: [RC] Training Horses Not To Pee in Trailer (was trailer question)

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If your horses are not trained not to urinate in the

Ok, I'm curous...how does one do this?  My gelding will not pee in the
trailer unless his eyeballs are floating and he's about to explode.  <G>  We
make sure to stop about every 4 hours or so on long trips to let the horses
out to pee, stretch, etc.  When we do stop and let him out, he'll
immediately pee.  The one and only time he's done it in the trailer is
during a 5 1/2 hr trip home after a ride, when I had a killer migraine and
just drove straight through.  Poor guy was just so hydrated he couldn't hold
it.  Our other horses, however (esp. the geldings), have no reservations
about peeing in the trailer.  We don't put shavings down.  Any tips for
teaching the others to "hold it?"

Dawn in East Texas
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[RC] Training Horses Not To Pee in Trailer (was trailer question), RDCARRIE