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Re: [RC] LD definition again?? - RDCARRIE

In a message dated 4/29/2004 11:57:51 AM Central Standard Time, Sundaez@xxxxxxx writes:

Has any of you ever done a LD on a slow, pokey horse that does NOT want any part of it???? That is way more endurance in that doing a 50 on a forward, willing horse!
Who cares what they call it anyway....but those that have only done 50's on forward arabs cannot imagine how hellish it is to go on non willing non arab breed...a 25 can seem an eternity. I'll do a 50 over that any day! LOL

I did not only one LD on such a horse, but five (ok, so I'm a slow learner!).  I started distance riding in 1999 on the only horse I owned at the time - a 5 yr old Arab mare.  To be brief, she hated it.  She had a short-strided trot that was murder, but a lovely canter, which is what we did a lot of our conditioning and LD miles in.  She just absolutely hated the sport...I could hardly get her out of camp for the second loop.  Her recoveries were fantastic...the last few rides, we could trot right into the vet check, and by the time I dismounted and got my ride card out, she'd be at or below criteria.  She just didn't have the attitude.  So, I "retired" her at the ripe old age of 5.  I still have her...I'm depriving some child of a great horse - she's bombproof, will go through, over, or across anything, and is a really affectionate sweetheart.  The LDs I did on her were more brutal in many ways than the 50s I've done on my rabid, tear-my-arms off gelding.  Give me a forward horse, even a slightly psycho one, over a horse that just doesn't wanna be there anyday!

Dawn in East Texas
and Mackenzie (content pasture potato)