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Re: [RC] LD definition again?? - Joe Long

On Thu, 29 Apr 2004 10:00:06 EDT, Wintersdwbob1@xxxxxxx wrote:

Okay, I have said it before and I will say it again ( to pat BOB on the 
shoulder for a job well done)  Anyone with one horse and one rider that can do 
LD  miles in one year can say they have done endurance.      
I just love that and so does BOB.  Donna and Henry

Donna, I don't want to rain on your parade, I'm sure you are a very
nice person.  And, riding over 25 LD rides in one year is nothing to
sneeze at.  But I feel I have to respond to this (yet again).

Actually, I agree with what you wrote there:  Anyone ... can SAY they
have done endurance.  I can SAY that I've done Ultramarathons even
though the longest footrace I've run is a marathon.  But the folks who
sanction Ultras and keep the records aren't going to agree.

In the field of distance riding, we have some established defintions.
Limited Distance rides are between 25 and 35 miles, in one day.
Endurance rides are 50 miles or more, at least 50 miles per day.
CTR's have their own definitions.  They are all Distance Rides.

Someone who rides 725 miles of LD rides in one year has a right to be
proud of having done so, I salute that.  Why can't you take pride in
it?  Why do you feel you have to claim to have "done endurance" (25
miles at a time) for it to be worthy?  I really don't understand this,
I'd be embarrassed to claim "credit" for being an Ultramarathoner when
I hadn't ever run an Ultra.

Why can't people take pride in their achievements without demanding
that they be given credit for different achievements?

(And why does this subject come up two or three times a year ...)


Joe Long

Common sense should also be a part of the decision making process. If you
see someone who doesn't have any, hand them your tool box.
~ Lisa Salas - The Odd Farm

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[RC] LD definition again??, Wintersdwbob1