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Re: [RC] [RC] [RC] RideCamp -LDs. - Barbara McCrary

You hit the nail on the head, Lynne.  A 25 mile ride is not an endurance
ride just as a 10K run is not a marathon.  How much simpler can a definition
be?  I like the term "distance riding"....it fits LD rides, NATRC rides, and
just plain old Sunday rides of anything over 10 miles.


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Sent: Wednesday, April 28, 2004 10:03 AM
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Here we go again.

OK, come up with a new name for LD then.  Intro.  Or something.  In
Dressage there are levels.  Come up with a new name.  Riders who do,
say, Prix St. George would not be comfortable having First Level riders
grouped with them.  So get creative, Howard.

Just do NOT try and call it endurance.

Like calling a 10K a marathon--it just doesn't WORK.  And it's
insulting.  It is HARDER to do a 50 than to do a 25.  They are not the
same for either horse or rider.  I can say that without IN ANY WAY
putting down the lower distance.

We have multi day rides.  100 mile rides.  I don't consider a 50
equivalent to a 100--why would anyone?  So why do you think a 50 is the
same as a 25?  We're all "distance riders", can't we just be
comfortable with that?

We will always have people/horses more comfortable with that
introductory distance level--why try and categorize it the same when
even the participants aren't looking for that?

ride manager, endurance rider, LD rider
whose endurance mare is past her due date, c'mon BABY

On Apr 28, 2004, at 8:24 AM, Howard Bramhall wrote:

Yes, but, one can dream.  Dream of a day when the LD is no longer
considered "limited."  Dream of a day when all riders are educated to
the point that the horse will always come first, no matter what the
distance.  Dream of a day when riders of all distances are treated
equally.  Dream of the day when knowledge of the past is used to aid
us in our future.  Dream of the day when we can come up with a
solution to all of this.

I do think that the days you're speaking of also had some antiquated
rules like the 72 bpm for passing the vet check, only one vet check,
at the finish line, for the 25, instead of two, no knowledge of what a
CRI was, walking the horse instead of trotting him for the completion,
etc.  Incorporate all of those and, maybe, dare I say it, even adding
another rule or two, and the shorter distance can be handled the same
way as a 50 or the 100 without having the problems you mentioned.
Rider education, clinics at the rides, a well established mentor
program, which includes providing mentors for those who want or need
them at the ride, all of this could really make such a thing a
reality.  And, to change the name of the LD to a 25 mile endurance
ride.  Eliminate the word "limited" altogether.

It can be done if only we wanted it badly enough.

ONe can only dream.

Howard (I still believe)

REAL endurance is eating egg salad sandwiches for 3 days straight!
~ Heidi Sowards

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