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Re: [RC] LD's - heidi

 My horses mean far more to me than points.

So it shouldn't be an issue that there are not points awarded to LDs.

On my first ride at Wickenburg I didn't notice any critical looks or
comments  from the 50 milers. As a matter of fact, they were all very
helpful to me. So  it came as a surprise to discover LD'ers were looked
down on by some.  Oh  well, guess I'm in my own little world with the
smell and sight and sound of  horses inundating my brain.

No, I think you're in the real world.  I don't notice people looking down
on LDs, either, except as a topic on internet lists.  And I've been around
the block riding, vetting, and managing for a heckuva long time.  What
I've seen is the helpful attitude you mention.  Gee, sometimes LDers and
50+ers even come to rides in the same rig, and tie their horses next to
each other at the trailer, and eat meals with each other!  And sometimes
they're even married to each other--imagine that!  Some of the proudest
endurance riders I know are those who have gotten their spouses to become
LDers...  :-)


I don't think you have to join a gym or buy frilly outfits to get some
fitness.  A decent set of shoes and a 15 minute dismount here and there
will help. 
~  Jon K. Linderman, Ph.D., FACSM, Assistant Professor of Health and Sport 
Science, University of Dayton

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