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RE: [RC] Cheating Statement - Laurie Underwood

Title: We imitate our masters only because we are not yet masters ourselves, and only

Having been the victim of my own incompetence on this score, I have to say I agree with you Truman.  I missed a turn at Pyramid one year and knew I was in trouble when I was in before the frontrunners (that’s when I learned to pay attention to how long I’d been out on a loop.  We were cruising along at about 8 mph and arrived about an hour after the start.  The math just doesn’t add up!).  So I got back on Lil, went back out, figured out where I made my error and re-rode the trail.  Got my completion though.


Laurie Underwood


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In most riding areas in the SE there are many trails and dirt roads in the woods - a lot more than are needed for the trail. This can cause quite a bit of confusion when riders aren't paying enough attention - even when the trail is marked correctly. I've had riders shoot past a turn (although the the turn was well marked)  and go down the wrong  trail (although there was pie plate with a big "X" to indicate wrong way, I've even had them go around a ribbon across the trail to block it off ) and keep riding for several miles miles although there were no confidence markers (when there had been a confidence every 1/4 of a mile ) only to come out were the wrong trail eventually crosses the correct trail get back on the correct trail and never know what happen.  In this case a rider are only eligable for completion and only if they have done (or will go back out and ride additional trail to do ) the appropriate distance.

Most trails are well marked and it's up to the rider to follow the trail correctly. If a rider makes a wrong turn or misses a turn and gets off trail, it is the riders responsibility to turn around, go back to where they got off trail and get back on trail.

Myself I normally ride more distance - that is blow past a turn, don't see markers and turn around and go back. That almost cost me top 10 in the Ponce LD ;-)!


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I have just now viewed all the postings on cheating.  I hear these rumors passed around almost every ride I have attended in the Southeast, I am disgusted for a few reasons.
1.)  If there is purposeful cheating, I am disgusted, but we all know those people will be dealt with on another level, not one we have control over.
2.)  Most people that I know struggle at some rides to just follow the trail in some spots at rides we all know have poor marking...but overall, we all just want to ride the ride on the right trail.  We drive ten hours because we want to ride the whole trail!



We imitate our masters only because we are not yet masters ourselves, and only

because in doing so we learn the truth about what cannot be imitated.

Re: [RC] Cheating Statement, Truman Prevatt