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[RC] Non Dressage - Dolores Arste

Posted from another list---
: I hope you wont be offended ,but I was told  my lovely shoulder - in 
: was , in fact ....sideways ,and  so I joined the Federat`ion 
: Equestrienne De Non -Dressage . You might prefer to join the sister 
: organisation ,Eastern Pleasure Riding .
: Competitions under FEND rules, established by founder of the 
: art ,Fransswaze A La Germainiere , stipulate that any horses may be 
: used , especially hotbloods with cold shudders and coldbloods  with 
: hot flushes .Riders should wear track suit bottoms ,with  Anorak ( 
: ladies ) or boiler suit (gentlemen ) .Flies should be done up  and 
: bra straps hidden .The horse should move with a level topline and 
: neck , avoiding excessive lifting of the feet. The tests will 
: comprise Walk  ( changes of tempo and gait acceptable ) , Not-trot ( 
: walk ) ,Not-canter ( unless disunited ) ,Not-shoulder in 
: (sideways ) ,Not-leg yield ( sideways ) and Not-half pass ( 
: sideways ) .Competitors whose voiture ne marche pas , may submit a 
: photographic entry ,providing this does not show the horse's head 
: and legs in the same picture.
: Rules for Eastern Pleasure are simpler , as established  by Chuck 
: Beanz, the famous Horse Shouter .Movemnts to be carried out at  
: fidget, sidle ,shy and rear include  spitting, rolling  and  
: diagonals ( sideways) .The ideal horse is an ex -track chestnut TB 
: mare  in season , to produce the better way of going so eloquently 
: expressed by Chuck : She gotta have the feel that one of them pesky 
: ole hornets just gotten under  her tail .
: Happy competing this summer !

If you treat an Arab like a Thoroughbred, it will behave like a Quarter
~  Libby Llop

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