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Re: [RC] [RC] RideCamp -LDs. - Barbara McCrary

Back in 1967, when Castle Rock ride was originated by Julie Suhr, it was
only 35 miles, as I remember hearing it.  This was only because it was hard
to find 50 miles of trail.  In 1969, starting on the coast on our property,
and with my husband's help in laying out a trail, it became a full 50 miles.
I truly do not know how many sub-50 mile rides there may have been in those
early years.  Then, a few years later, the CR ride manager at the time
hatched up the idea of a "mini-ride", which was 25 or 30 miles.  I'm not
aware of Heidi's experiences or information, nor do I remember exactly how
the LD rides became popular.  I know when we became managers of Castle Rock
ride, we had a 30-mile offering.  We also offered a 50, a 70, and a 30-mile
Ride & Tie.  What an event!  A veritable zoo of activity.  I was on the
board when we decided to start sanctioning and awarding LD rides, but I
don't remember when this took place, nor just how it came about, except by
membership wish.  And of course, sanctioning LD rides brought in more
badly-needed revenue to AERC.

Barbara McCrary

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Sent: Wednesday, April 28, 2004 7:23 AM
Subject: Re: [RC] [RC] RideCamp -LDs.

I did not know that, Heidi.  This is why listening to one's elders is so
important.  You might learn something from them.  All this time on
and this is the first time I've ever heard anyone say something like this.

So, 25 miles used to be endurance????  Is that what I'm hearing?  Just
incredible how some put that distance down, when, in the beginning, it was
considered worthy to be called endurance.

I say, bring it back.  Bring it back.  Make it all inclusive.  Go back to
the beginning.

I'm still convinced, that if done correctly, less miles is so much easier
the horse and, their welfare. This is the distance that should be looked
with honor (by all) instead of scorn (by some).  It's why this distance is
so popular and has the fastest growing segment of riders within AERC.

Howard (bring it back)

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To: <Equssairs@xxxxxxx>
CC: <ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, <cancer@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [RC]   RideCamp -LDs.
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 07:44:37 -0600 (MDT)

I have several questions.
In Endurance News ride results why are the LD rider's weight
division and their finishing time not posted? Why are
the LD competitors not receiving any points?

LD rides are not a part of the endurance point structure.  They have
own award systems, all based solely upon LD miles or on BCs.

Just some historical perspective on this--at one time, endurance rides
were sanctioned for 25 miles and up.  It became painfully obvious that
many people were racing the short distances very seriously for points,
that the horses were suffering the consequences--and with the short
distance and the limited number of vet checks practicable in such a short
span, it was too difficult to maintain adequate veterinary control to
protect the horses.  So--AERC eliminated ALL rides under 50 miles and
defined the sport as anything 50 miles and up.

Then various areas began holding unsanctioned "novice" rides of 25-30
miles in conjunction with sanctioned longer events.  The whole atmosphere
of these rides changed, as they were no longer points races.  Instead
became an opportunity for new riders to start the sport, for people to
take green horses out in a "ride atmosphere" without going 50 miles, and
an opportunity for people to come enjoy the sport without the fitness
level or physical expenditure necessary to do 50s.

AERC observed this working well and for various reasons evolved the LD
program.  It is separate from "endurance" competition and does not offer
points.  For those who only choose to ride LDs, AERC DOES offer separate
awards programs for LD mileage and for regional LD Best Condition.

I hope that answers your question about why there are no points, times,
weight divisions listed on the LD rides.


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~  Libby Llop

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Re: [RC] [RC] RideCamp -LDs., Howard Bramhall