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RE: [RC] new riding tool/toy - Kathy Ramspott

I almost always sing when I'm riding Mazzie solo (I promise those of you in 
the GLDRA area, if you end up riding with me on a ride this season, I will 
NOT sing - I do not have a very good voice). After my accident, I would 
often get nervous on solo rides, and a friend suggested singing to regular 
my breathing (you can't hold your breath and sing at the same time). Works 
wonders for my nerves. I take my favorite songs and make up new lyrics that 
include Mazzie's name - she seems to appreciate being the center of 

After reading posts on singing I thought I'd give it a try this morning.
The wind is about 20 mph and the horse I rode today has had *maybe* 10 hours
trail riding.  Well, I started singing to calm MY nerves and what do you
know, it worked!  I know I was breathing better and she kept flicking her
ear back to me even with the wind howling in the trees and all sorts of
spooky things going on.  Pretty cool.  Thanks everybody that mentioned they
sing while riding!!


The two best drugs to have in your kit are Tincture of Time and a Dose of
Common Sense. These two will carry you through 99.999% of the problems
associated with horses and endurance competition.
~ Robert Morris

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[RC] new riding tool/toy, Karen Casemier