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[RC] Regarding Cheating - Ridecamp Guest

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I do both Comp. & Endurance & occassionally I have left the trail to "let the 
water out"  I go & my horse goes too.  Anyway I have been passed while off of 
the trail.  I always come back on the trail where I left it & once in a while I 
am asked "weren't you in front of me?"  I just smile & say "yes, I was till I 
had to pee."  Let's you know who is watching & of course that others ARE 
watching.  I really do believe that most riders really do want to help make 
sure that another rider doesn't inadvertantly miss trail, it is not to accuse 
someone of cheating, it is to help.  As a whole I believe there is very little 
cheating, most riders would rather win (however that rider terms their win, be 
it finishing, or top tenning)by doing it all even if that means finding where 
they missed the loop & going back.  I want to be able to say my horse & I did 
such & such ride, trail, whatever, & know in my heart that it is true.  To me 
integrety is everything. I couldn't live with myself otherwise.  As has been 
said already on this post, the cheater has to look that person in the face 
every morning.  Most can't do it for long.

===========================================================REAL endurance is 
your water freezing IN the cantle bags!
~ Heidi Sowards

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