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[RC] Cheaters - Annie George

All in all it is a good honest sport. And a good honest bunch of people.  The Vets can pretty much spot a drugged horse, and if any Vet was playing favorites it wouldn't take long for the riders to start screaming at the RM's. So anything like that wouldn't last long.  As for cutting trail,  a person would have to really know the area to do it, and then all the other riders pretty much know who is in front of them and behind them.  We all pretty much know where we are in line. And if a person catches up in a really unusually fast time, or gets in front of someone that knows they didn't pass them..... Well  it would be really hard to cut very much trail and not have someone figure it out. If a person was trying it on any kind of regular basis, they'd get caught, and pretty soon nobody would be speaking to them or inviting them to supper in camp. Good old fashioned shunning.  Usually if someone does cut trail it is completely accidental and they are horrified to learn that they did it, often times riding many extra miles to rite the situation, or pulling out of the ride.   Endurance riders on the whole are a pretty good self policing bunch, and they are just not the cheating kind of people.  The basic nature that is required to even want to do this sport is not predisposed to poor sportsmanship. Their may be loud and heated "discussions", but not cheating.  I am sure you will find Endurance ALLOT different than the show ring.  
Anne George Saddlery  www.vtc.net/~ageorge