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RE: [RC] [RC] Leveling a Horse Trailer - Howard Bramhall

Oh, you bet. I can't sleep in an unlevel trailer. I feel like I'm on a ship (especially after a few beers) and will get seasick if it's not level. There are these plastic things that fit under a wheel that you build up according the the height you need. You can get them at Walmart (where else?) or at an RV place. Very cheap, like 25 bucks, and they don't take up any room. Fit into a zipper bag when stacked up.

If you need the name of them specifically email me and I'll run out to my Motor home and find out the brand name. Also, buy a cheap leveler so you can check how close you are to being level after you put the lifts under the tire. Then, invite me over for a few beers and I'll be able to confirm whether you got it right or not.


From: "Dyane Smith" <sunibey@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To: <ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [RC]   Leveling a Horse Trailer
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2004 07:36:37 -0700

I sleep in my gooseneck, very comfy, except frequently the gooseneck is slightly unlevel and I spend the night trying to stay on my mattress.

Is there anyway to level a gooseneck the way people level a camper?

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