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Re: [RC] Keeping food cold and safe to eat - Becky Rohwer

 Before I had a fridge I used a system I called my wet and dry coolers.  I
would use one cooler for things like drinks that were in cans or bottles or
anything else that could be immersed in liquid with out being destroyed.  I
would just pour a lot of ice over these things and they usually stayed cold
for a long time as the ice melted.
 In my "dry" cooler I would freeze water in plastic milk jugs.  1 gallon
size frozen solid will last a long time.  I would set things that need to be
kept coldest up against the milk jugs.  Things like fruit or lettuce could
set farther away from the frozen jugs.  Plus things don't end up soggy.  I
would put a dish towel or something under the frozen jugs to absorbe any
moisture.  Also, avoid opening the coolers a lot.  Get what you need all at
once to avoid opening and closing the lid a bunch of times, and try to keep
coolers in the shade as much as possible.  Or throw a tarp or mantie over
them for some insulation.  As the ice melts you have some real nice ice
water for drinking.  It worked well for me.

 Becky R - Montana

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[RC] Keeping food cold and safe to eat, Lysane Cree