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[RC] competitive - larry Miller

Competitive is more judgmental than endurance, at least for the trot out.  Pulse and Respiration need to be low so one doesn't lose very many points.  I have ridden competitive for over 30 years, first in Ohio and now in MI.  So I have ridden under Ohio rules and UMECRA rules.  Also have ridden under ECTRA rules.  Name of the game is to know different regions rules and ride accordingly.  But the trot out is the big gotcha at the end, so that horse that shows itself well  at the trot out at the end no matter how tired, will lose less points.  One of my guys use to chase me with his teeth at the trot out but he flew.  Always made the vets laugh.  My mare on the other hand, knows she is done, has done this for 12 seasons, and her attitude is one of 'leave me alone'.  You can see in endurance too, the different attitudes that horses have since the trot out for BC with a willing horse will glean more points.   Jeanie