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[RC] LBL - oddfarm

Thanks Diane and Jerry for a great ride. The campground was great and so was everyone working there. Diane, I am so sorry I didn't recognize you at the check in but I do hope next time I see you we get the chance to chit chat.
This ride was special for a few reasons. First, John came with me but the kids DIDN'T! We had the BAT all to ourselves! We ate, we drank, we napped and watched TV all without the death glare from the KIDS! We were able to enjoy our little Buffylicious (our little cat) without her stingy mother (the daughter, Allison) snapping her away from us every time we picked her up. What a nice week.
I will take the kids on another trip because this place is fabulous. They have fishing, bike trails, and ATV trails at another site. There is a Wal-Mart and a Tractor Supply in Hopkinsville in case you forget anything. So put this one on your calendars for next year.
This was Gator's second LD ride and he was by himself. If I didn't know better, I would have sworn he was a tad drugged. He never screamed, he went every where I asked him, stopped, went ahead, let others go ahead, didn't care who came up behind, never jigged, (I hate jigging with a passion) and crossed every raging river without so much as a blink. Except the first one, but it only took a second and off he went. He didn't want to go out on the second loop but I realized later he didn't want to do the same trail TWICE! Once the trail changed, he was ready for new adventures.
When we were done, he was very content to stay in his stall to eat and nap. We rode conservatively, mostly trotting on dry land, walking in water. His heart rate never went over 60 at the vet checks.
I am sure most of you have horses just like him, but I haven't. Odd Todd is like that now, but he is 15. Gator (The Negotiator) just turned 5. No matter how old Lance gets, he will always have a very immature two year old brain.  
This horse is going to be exceptional and is truly a pleasure to be with. Thank you Louise for helping to bring him home. He is worth his weight in gold. Nitroxx is the same way. He will be next.
Lisa Salas, Teh odd farm
P.S. We had another blow out. I HATE when that happens! Pulled in to the truck stop and there was a tire guy there. He took the tire off the rim, put a new one on and charged less than I would have paid back home, even with the $75 weekend charge. He told me anytime you get a flat and can get to the truck stops, they have numbers to call to get a tire person out in case you don't have a spare. I had a spare but wasn't sure it would make it 700 miles. But you can call out anybody that will service the big trucks and they will come to YOU! I didn't know that. We did just get USRiders in case we can't get to an exit. Anything to make traveling with horses less stressful.
Know whudda mean?