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[RC] "stress rings" on horse feet - A. Perez

After having a farrier ask if my horse had been ill in the past
year because he had 'fever rings', I looked at the feet of these
horses at the farm where I field board.  Most of them had these
rings.  I think horses that relay on pasture for food experience
more fluctations in nutrition due to weather fluctuation, and
may have rings as a result, even if they keep their weight well
and are not 'mal nurished'.  IMHO, I don't think such rings
always necessarily result from 'trauma'... either that or 15+
horses at this farm all experienced the same trauma, 'cause they
all have these rings, and no, we haven;t had any epidemics.

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The whole ride experience can be very hard, and at times you question why
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~  Leslie Beyers

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