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Re: [RC] lesson today - Karen Sullivan

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We left it that for now I don't need to canter on the trail (though i suspect that I will probably do a little, though not in front) and work on transitions and balance. And work on my balance. I do NATRC rides, so it's not like I ever NEED to canter on the trail.

This friend who was helping rode Deli too and showed me how quick she was to round up. IT was neat having someone so knowledgeable ride/compliment my mare.
*Oh Alice.....of COURSE you need to canter on the trail!  That is the whole purpose for riding horses!  To get to the point where you can have that relaxed, smooth canter along.....that is the whole REASON I ride, for those moments.  All the time and work and problems with the new and green horses are worth it when you can get that smooth canter!!!
I am probably going through the very same stuff you are right now with young horse...I am doing a lot of trail riding, and lessons with a very good instructor; where we are focusing on getting her (Fawn) to round up and carry herself better and give to the bit (and I just found a great myler snaffle on ebay)......when the instructor rides her I can see the difference, and it is AGONY and WORK to keep leg on her and try to get her on the bit!!!
Mine (4 almost 5) is fine cantering along on the trail...not even asking for correct lead yet.  But she will go into a canter from a trot (No bucking!), and not trip....and NOW we are going to start to work on arena canter departs.....and distinguish leads, et.c  IT takes alot of time!!!!



[RC] lesson today, Alice Yovich