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[RC] lesson today - Alice Yovich

 I had a lesson today and we lowered my stirrups a notch and talked about how my position was exacerbating the problem of staying in the saddle.  I learned a lot. I'll be sore tomorrow. I'm actually pulling my leg back too far under myself and then I'm tipping my upper body forward. So, I'm supposed to practice seeing my toes under my knee and letting my legs come forward. I probably spent so much time fighting my position in old saddles that now that I have a good saddle I'm still forcing the leg back. I'm going to go back to my plain snaffle eggbut bit (till I can afford a myler comfort snaffle) and only use my myler ported bit for actual competition, or I might pass it on to my daughter's pony who needs a bit more bite.  However, she did tell me that my horse responded well to the bit, so not to throw it out, just to see if I got better results from the regular snaffle. I'm going to try both, just to see, but I think that Deli's mouth is "odd" and that she'll do better in the myler.

We left it that for now I don't need to canter on the trail (though i suspect that I will probably do a little, though not in front) and work on transitions and balance. And work on my balance. I do NATRC rides, so it's not like I ever NEED to canter on the trail.

This friend who was helping rode Deli too and showed me how quick she was to round up. IT was neat having someone so knowledgeable ride/compliment my mare.

I was given one encouraging piece of information though: she said whoever started her/trained her had done a good job. I replied that I am really the only one who's ever ridden her except for the 30 days in the beginning at the saddlebred barn that broke her. The lady I bought her from rode her some and always rode her very correctly, but didn't ride her often.  I can't imagine that she got good "dressage" training there, though I do know the barn that started her has good basics, or the breeder never would have sent her there.  I don't know if that means I'm a good rider or not, but it's gratifying that i have not yet ruined her in three years.  I was so very grateful for the help. 

Of course, we have a long way to go!
Alice Yovich,
NATRC Reg. 4, Texas