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Re: [RC] Racing - Maggie Mieske

As soon as I hit send, I realized the post said NO traction.  I read
traction.  The shoes are actually sliding plates.  In any case, sliding stop
or not, horses need to be under control during the entire ride, not just at
the finish.  :)  And that's all I got to say about that.  :)
Miles of smiles,
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Give me a break, haven't you ever seen a reining horse or a roping horse
stop at a sliding stop? Or better yet, ask Alice how fast her 1000lb horse
can stop when he spooks. The problem is when the rider can't "control" their

Keep in mind that reining horses have to wear special no traction shoes in
order to stop like that or else the torque on their legs causes damage, so
I'm wondering if an endurance horse could actually stop on a dime like that.


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