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Re: [RC] [RC] [RC] Racing - Nancy Mitts

That's pretty much how it is here in Missouri as well. You don't even use the word "race" as that is "incompatible with land use management plans" in most areas. Many otherwise great rides would not be held if riders insist on their "right to run to the finish" no matter what. The overwhelming majority of riders would rather settle things during the first 49 miles than not have the ride at all.
There are many types of timed event (which make them as much of a race as endurance) that have other qualifying parameters.
Jump-offs are races, but you still need to clear the jumps. Barrel racer's have to leave the barrels standing. Endurance Racer's can't just run full out for 50 miles, you can only go as fast as the horse can sustain. Not being able to sprint for the finish the last mile out of 50 or 100 does not change the essence of the sport. My suggestion would be however, for the ride management to declare "no sprinting for the finish" BY ANYBODY if their area is not reasonably safe. That would prevent responsible riders from losing out to the idiots.

Nancy Mitts

From: Truman Prevatt <tprevatt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
With the Forest Service at least in the Southern region the Special use Permit grants the ability to hold an organized event on pulic land. It does not buy you any authority over the management and use of that land for the period covered.

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