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Re: [RC] Keeping one's seat (posting height) - heidi

Yes, in the Arabian show disciplines, where the horse should present
itself as a pleasure to ride, over posting can be detrimental to the
overall picture of horse and rider. However, I am noticing that English
and even Country horses now have SO MUCH impulsion from the hind to
produce extreme action that even trainers look like they are 6" out of
the saddle when riding at the trot.

Actually, I've observed just the opposite--too many have so LITTLE true
impulsion and so much flailing motion in front that they travel like
crippled windmills and literally THROW the rider out of the saddle at the
trot.  A horse with good impulsion that tracks up properly is much easier
to ride.

In addition, many of the saddle seat trainers are really rather poor
riders when one gets right down to it--they are just good at shoving a
horse into an artificial frame and holding it in that position going
around the ring.

I cringe when I watch Arab shows...


...but then, I do ride my horses a lot more than most people 
~  Karen Chaton

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