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Re: [RC] Skito V. Toklat? (for SportsSaddle) - Karla Watson

Check out these pads and read the "testimonials" from top Pan Am riders. I just ordered one. I talked to the inventor and they sound nice.
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Sent: Tuesday, April 06, 2004 4:26 PM
Subject: [RC] Skito V. Toklat? (for SportsSaddle)

I'm currently dealing with what I hope is a "pad/
rigging/too much riding" sore/balding loin issue
with my horse, so I'm considering buying a new pad
for my SportsSaddle.

For the last six years, I've been using either a
Skito (100% wool, bought new) or a Toklat Woolbak
(100% wool, bought used) under my saddle with no
discernable problems. However, now we're getting
ready for Tevis, so riding a whole lot more than
usual, and I'm starting to need all the cushioning/
shock absorption I can get.

Recently I started using my husband's new 3/4 wool/
poly fleece Skito, complete with the "special SS
shims" that create the extra gullet along the spine
and taper off either side. This doesn't seem to have
been a great success.

The horse now has a balding loin and is sore. Hmm.

(oh, and btw, this isn't due to shedding out his
winter coat - he's been wearing his summer coat
for a good 6 weeks now - so much so that someone
at a ride two weeks ago asked if we were from
Southern California <g>).

Going back to my existing old pads:

The old Skito fleece looks pretty good underneath, but
it probably much thinner than new, so I worry about
it's cushioning abilities.

The Toklat Woolback fleece is very bobbly. This may
be related to care however, since we bought it used
and I've no idea how it was cared for before us.

The foam inserts in both pads were starting to look
a little worn, particularly around the shoulders,
plus the cats scratching their claws on them didn't
help <g>, plus a couple of them are torn and held
together with duct tape.

Part of the rubbing is probably due to using the
"center fire" type rigging described elsewhere (using
the back cinch ring as well as the front) as this
causes the saddle to be much snugger over the loin.

And this is a horse with a *lot* of hip movement -
he will walk any pad right out the back of the
saddle unless it's tied on securely at the front.

I've just re-rigged the saddle back to normal.

I ride with a fairly loose cinch (loose enough that
I can't mount from the ground without the saddle
turning) and a breast collar (we do *lots* of up
and downs).

Another contributing factor is doing much more riding
than usual (as well as too much speed + distance
added at the same time (slap that girl)), but part
may be pad related.

Anyway. Enough background. I'm thinking about treating
us to a brand new pad, but can't decide what to get.

Pros: contoured to fit back shape, pretty colour
Cons: expensiver

Toklat Woolbak:
Pros: slightly cheaper, reversible
Cons: the fleece on our used one has pilled into
  bobbles much more than the fleece wool.

I see you have the option to get "Triple Thick
Fleece - $25" with the Toklat. Is that total
overkill, or is that a nice cushiony/avoid-loin-
rub idea?

Or I could opt for 1" thick foam inserts instead
of 3/4". Again? Good idea? or overkill? I have
ridden with shoulder shims in the pad, with no
(discernable) ill effects on this horse, so I
don't think the extra thickness would cause any
tightness. I just want to cushion his loin from
any more abuse.

Any thoughts gratefully received.

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Lucy Chaplin Trumbull
elsie AT foothill DOT net
Repotted english person in the Sierra foothills, California
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There are 2 ways to win at this sport. You take a horse and race him for a
short time and then find a new horse or you can take one horse , do the
homework and spend many miles and years enjoying that horse.
~  Paddi Sprecher

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[RC] Skito V. Toklat? (for SportsSaddle), Lucy Chaplin Trumbull