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Re: [RC] LD changes.. - GoTory

   Please rethink your ideas for changing the LD.
   Asking us to pay MORE??  More than the "endurance riders"??  As it is 
now, most of the rides entries I've been to are only $5 to $10 less for LD than 
for the 50's...
   Do I want to do 50's??  YES, of course.... however- I work full-time; 
have to board my horse, so she does not have access to self-conditioning; she 
still coming back from problems last year; she is still new to me.
   As for why I would want to take a day - or two- off work, travel a ways, 
and then only ride for 25 or 30 miles.... I love it.  I love the atmosphere, 
and the people, and the camping, and the crewing for my friends who CAN do the 
50s.  I do it because I can, and because at this stage, I'm still working on 
finding out what my horse can do, and hopefully stay out of trouble.
   LD may be "just a conditioning ride" for those who do the longer 
distances, but if I'm willing to pay for the privilege of participating in a 
"conditioning ride" and get my horse exposed to the excitement so she'll be 
safe when 
we do make it to the distances, and I help out when I'm done- and thus make it 
easier for my endurance friends to make it to the rides...  well, then, DAMN, 
don't make it even harder on me!
   P.S.  I crew, too.... want me to pay for that, as well???

Sorry, but I didn't find your post "encouraging LDs"...I haven't been able to 
compete for the last 1 1/2 yrs, so you kind of pushed a button for me...    
REAL endurance is sleeping in the tack compartment of your trailer w/the
door open, and your horse snorts/snots on your forehead every 30 min!
~ Heidi Sowards

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