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[RC] Horse personalities and herdiness - Sundaez

hi all...got  a new horse. She's been here a week. She's just 7. Been in a show barn her whole life. Lived in a box stall with no adjoining turnout. Was ridden three times a week in an arena and has maybe a couple hours on the trail total her whole life. Was told she is an alpha mare but I don't see it.
Despite her limited socialization this mare has a good mind. She has a solid foundation on her both on the ground and in the saddle...just hasn't seen much of the world. She is naive. She's surprisingly curious about new things instead of fearful. For example if a plastic bag blows into the field she will walk up to inspect it rather than run.
She is herdy though. I've only had her home a week. The activity at the barn was high...with horses constantly whinnying to each other from their boxes, and if one got turned out the others formed a ruckus with bucking in the stalls. She gets nervous to see horses coming or going. Not stupid herdy but is anxious, paces, calling, sweats, etc. I've been tying her to the trailer with a hay bag and bucket of water--her patience post-- a couple hours every day. She frets the first hour but then settles and eats and drinks. My arena is out of sight of my other horses and we do groundwork there...she is mentally checked out the first few minutes but I can get her back to me after 20 minutes or so, and then she lowers and chews instead of calling to my other horses.
I've ridden her within sight of my others...I just feel it would kinda dumb at this point to ride her away yet. Also I've ponied her on the trail and she's very good with that. Haven't ridden her out yet.
Any advice on taking a sheltered horse and showing her the world. So far I'm pleased that she eats and drinks at the trailer but can't imagine her at a ride with all the horses comings and goings.
I've never owned a herdy horse before....just been lucky. I know it is soon but I want to do everything right with her because I feel she will be a great mare in that she really tries hard.
I know herdiness comes from insecurity and all that...but I'm wondering if it is learned too...she didn't have her own person.