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Re: [RC] ultra sound - Bette Lamore

Can't always tell, Chris
Mamma Mia, my Halynov daughter, has a gestation period of 10 months and a week. The first time we thought she was a month premature but then her other two babies took only 10+ months, too and none were small.
PS We also had a mare who consistently took 12 months to hatch her babies. I guess this is where that Bell curve comes in :-)

Chris Paus wrote:

Hope, in my experience with broodmares, vets and
ultrasounds, the test is pretty darned accurate, BUT
is only as good as the operator!

A vet once told me that my mare was not in foal when
she should have been 30 days along. We took her back
and bred her again. The mare had a foal EXACTLY 11
months from her FIRST due date. If she had not been in
foal the first time we checked, that baby would have
been a full month premature, and he was way too
developed for that...

The vet still insists that she was right and the mare
was open when we checked the first time and that the
baby just came early and was big....

I'm not so sure, but oh well!

--- hope lundquist <wwho20@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Heidi & RCampers: Would you say ultrasound as a
preg test is unfailing? A Mare of course.
Hope Lundquist


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