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RE: [RC] 2004 Endurance Team - John Teeter

.>.... Remember we are dealing with individuals here not starters.
Actually, we were dealing with truman's assumption that international riders didn't (financially) support AERC (the 90% carrying 100% of the load issue). In that case, b/c AERC $s come from entry fees + dues and the entrie fees are at issue, then starts is more relevant than individuals.

why not do two sets of numbers:

Bob's View:
1) how many individuals started 1 day 100s.
2) how many of 1) were international riders

and then (Trumans view)
a) how many 100 mile starts for the year
b) how many of those starts were international riders.

get all sides of the quest.

But really, I was interested in how many MILES, on average, an international rider does.vs.the average across all of AERC.

I think, re: the last question, that you will find something like:

  the average international rider does 600 AERC miles every year.
  the average AERC rider does 150 miles every year.

I'm not thinking anything fancy, just arithmetic average of miles/member stuff. I would not be surprised by a 4x multiplier as exemplified above:)


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