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RE: [RC] 2004 Endurance Team - bobmorris

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No Truman,
There were not 992 one day 100 mile riders! There were 992 starters in 100 mile rides. Those 992 starts were accounted for by a much smaller number of riders. I have not identified that number and leave that up to you. Give us a number that shows how many individuals started the 100 mile rides and how many were International members. Then for good measure determine exactly how many AERC International Members did an FEI ride. Remember we are dealing with individuals here not starters.

Bob Morris
Morris Endurance Enterprises
Boise, ID

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From: Truman Prevatt [mailto:tprevatt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Wednesday, March 10, 2004 7:12 PM
To: John Teeter
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I have no reason to question Bob's numbers. If 52 only rode one ride and 82 rode more than one we need to know how many more than one. There were 992 one day 100 mile riders last year. Even if the 82 rode 3 each that brings it to less than 300 - less than one third of the number of 100 mile riders.

The AERC Int members (of which I am one ) accounts for less than 10% of the members. That means that 90% of the riders pay for the AERC. That means that 90% of the riders support the ride managers and ride their rides.

I believe that we should be involved in international and I support it.  I also believe we should not have the 90% exercise what you could be called the "tyrannry of the majority" that would negatively impact the riders with international aspirations.  The international protion of the sport has it's place, HOWEVER, internation is the minority by a significant percentage and as such is not captain of the ship. It is the 90% that drives the the ship. I think sometimes that is is lost.


John Teeter wrote:
> ....Thus my statement of biased reporting.

Your facts sound right:) It would be interesting to see the ratio of FEI100milers_to_AERC100milers. Apples.2.Apples as one could get.

your conclusion of biased reporting though is showing a desire for editorial bias on your part:)

Your editorial bias seems to be for all reports concerning the convention to include information about all aspects of the AERC with detail proportional to the membership participation in that area of Endurance riding?

I think my bias would be for anyone who has something to say to be able to say it:) Your welcome to publish your report as well. I hope it would be as factual and straight forward (i.e. not trying to hide any biases:) as what Pamela presented.

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Re: [RC] 2004 Endurance Team, Truman Prevatt