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Re: [RC] Allergies/feed/shots and AERC - Sundaez - Sundaez

In a message dated 3/10/2004 3:40:05 PM Pacific Standard Time, karen@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
If I had a horse that I could not feed all of those things to I would not consider it a candidate for being an endurance horse.  At least not until you work thru a solution.  Oh boy, imagine if your horse is going thru a period of super sensitivity to that many things and grabs a bite of something on the trail or at a vet check and has a serious reaction.  Swelling can occur in a matter of minutes that block the airway or cause other respiratory problems, nevermind what could be happening because of the shots the horse has received.   I think you should learn more about what is going on before you enter an endurance competition, for your horses sake. 

She has done endurance competition. She did a 50, a few 25s and some NATRC. She even got a BC. She has been eating all the substances I have been talking about for years but has been showing symptoms of itchiness, watery runny eyes and in the summer little bare patches. She has never had an anaphylactic  reaction to anything she has eaten.
As I said in my previous post she is on hyposensitivity treatments as prescribed by my vet and Spectrum labs. This is NOT a drug like sudafed. It is a serum of the stuff she allergic too...given to help build an immunity. www.vetallergy.com In fact, at the last ride a ride vet said "you should give your horse allergy shots."
Sorry for sounding defensive but do you think I would be so stupid to take  a horse to a ride that could die if it had one bite of food?
I just wanted to know:
A. Are the shots AERC legal?
B. An alternate diet.
C. A good resource for allergy information.