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[RC] 1000 mile horses a dime a dozen? - rides2far

But it did make me curious - how many horses make it to 
miles? 2000? What proportion of riders make it to 1000 miles?

I looked at my personal record. I have attempted the "first 50" on 6
different horses. I didn't own all of them but all made an honest attempt
at being an endurance horse under either me or another rider. Their
lifetime mileages right now are 

50 (retired, couldn't stay sound)
1700 (retired sound)
1525 (hasn't competed in several years)
0 (was never able to complete a 50 in 5 tries)
2,950 (still competing)
620 (competes off and on)

So, out of my 6, 50% made 1000 miles.
One out of 6 made 2,000
That one plans to make 3000. They were all pretty darned good horses.
Didn't try to make any silk purses out of sows ears.

Just a one rat study.

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