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Re: [RC] Pulse - Punishing the non-Arab breeds -- the problem - Joe Long

On Sat, 15 Feb 2003 21:28:04 EST, FASTGraphic@xxxxxx wrote:

Though I basically agree with you, it would also be wrong to work the rules 
of the sport more to their favor with lower pulse criterion, would it not?  
As stated before, 72 worked as criterion for quite a long time.  

This is simply not correct.  72 was commonly used as a criteria for
some time (back in the early days when we didn't know what we know
today), but it was not "working" as well as was needed.  Which was
why, as research and experience showed the benefits of lower pulse
criteria, we stopped using 72.

Other breed 
riders only seem to want the rules to not be altered to FAVOR the Arabs.  I 
do not believe that a horse with a slightly higher pulse rate than the 
average Arab is, by virtue of that fact alone, less suitable.

Some people seem to be implying, if not claiming, that the lower pulse
rates were adopted to favor a particular breed. That is just not true.
Pulse recovery has proven to be a highly meaningful indicator of
condition of a horse undergoing a stressful activity -- and more
importantly, a highly meaningful predictor of the risk of continuing
that level of stress.

The lower pulse rates common today have proven to be effective at
preventing injury and death in endurance horses.

Good pulse recovery is an intrinisic factor in what makes a good
endurance horse.  All else being equal, the horse with lower pulse
rates while working, and faster and lower pulse recoveries, is better
suited to this activity and a better performer at this activity.
Regardless of breed.  Pulse rates and recovery rates vary more between
individual horses, and their level of conditioning, then they do among

IMO claiming that low pulse criteria discriminates in favor of
Arabians and against other breeds is nothing but "sour grapes."  And
the suggestion that we should sacrifice proven safety techniques to
allow horses less well suited to the competition to "win," well ... I
won't say what I think about that!


Joe Long

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Re: [RC] Pulse - Punishing the non-Arab breeds -- the problem, FASTGraphic