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Re: [RC] preventing questions - Magnumsmom

Jennifer wrote:
I am planning to do my first ride in April, maybe.? 

Good for you!  Make that a definate Maybe.

I am trying to make this a safe experience.?  My kids would 
never talk to me again if I killed one of the family pets.? ?

Horses are easily capable of doing endurance rides, especially
if properly prepared and cared for.  That's what we are all 
here to do.

Is it OK for the horse to wear a heart monitor durring the race?? 


[...]  (I haven't done the rides you mentioned)

You and your horsie are going to do fine.  Watch all of the
parameters mentioned and just know your own horse.  
EDPP... as long as your horse is eating, drinking, peeing,
and pooping (and recovering easily to parameters) you
are doing fine.

Let the vets and management know this is your first ride.  
Most of all, have fun!  You can go too fast (as many people on 
this list point out,  some have ignored, and as a very few 
continue to ignore), but you cannot go too slow.  The only 
"penalty" for going too slow on a ride is not completing for 
being overtime.   At your first ride, who cares???  ;-)

That said, from what you've posted on Ridecamp, I'll bet you 
are well prepared and you and your horse will easily complete 
and have a great time doing it.  Much luck!  Your "fee" for all 
this advice from Ridecamp is to post your ride story and share 
your experience!

:) - Kathy Myers
in Santa Fe, NM
... damn, posting too much again.  Guess it's time to get over
this flu and get busy again...

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