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[RC] Fw: [RC] ? preventing questions sorry 4 email receipts, accident - jennifer a berger

I live in Ottawa, IL.  I think I might ride in the 25 on Sunday and arrive
Saturday afternoon (work on Saturday morning).  This is if I get my horse
ready in time.  Being upper midwest makes it hard to condition a horse.
Also I must of presseed the wrong button at some point because I am getting
all these email receipts for open email.  Sorry, I didnt mean for that to
happen.  Just goes to show you I am not one with a computer.

----- Original Message -----
From: "AprJhn" <AprJhn@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: ""jennifer a berger"" <SHUGARFOOT@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Friday, February 14, 2003 11:03 AM
Subject: RE: [RC]   preventing questions

Hi, Jenny,

I am a beginner, too, so I don't have many answers for you.

It is fine for your horse to wear his hrm during competition (unless the RM
specifically bans it, I haven't heard of that happening). You can wear one,
too. ;-)

I have done 2 LD's, long time back. Both rides had 1 VC about half-way
through. Obviously, that can vary with each ride, but I would venture to
guess that unless the ride is very difficult, most LDs have 1 VC.

Ridecamp is a GREAT place to learn. You've joined at a very good time. Lots
of good discussion going on right now. I've been a member of RC for about 4
years and there is a lot of good info on just about every aspect. You know
about the archives, right? Can go back and look at every message ever sent
(barring some tech difficulties).

There are talks of how to help the rider, too. Discussions of clothing
(underwear and bras included), hydration, foods to eat, exercises outside of
horses, sunstroke, freezing. It all comes around eventually. RC is rather
cyclical. :)

Ok, now why your post caught my eye. I'm planning my (and my horse's) first
50 miler at the Friday ride at Chicken Chase. I'm also planning to ride the
25 on Sunday on my free lease horse. Which LD are you planning to ride?
Saturday or Sunday? Either way, I hope to see you there! :)

Where do you live?

Oh, you can email the ride manager for Chicken Chase and ask her any
questions you want (like how many vet checks and at what mileage). I'm sure
she'll be more than happy to help you. Make sure and tell her it's your
first ride, too. At my 2 LDs people were VERY helpful and I more than intend
to tell them it's my first 50, too.

Nashville, TN

"jennifer a berger" <SHUGARFOOT@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I am very new to the sport, in fact I am planning to do my first ride in
April, maybe. In light of all this talk I had a question of my own, being
new I was unsure and I am trying to make this a safe experience. My kids
would never talk to me again if I killed one of the family pets.

Is it OK for the horse to wear a heart monitor durring the race? Also,
Iplan on the Chicken Chase to be our first ride ( 25 ) how is this ride,
what can I expect? How many VC for the 25 mile ride?

Also I would like to say as I said earlier in the week. Comming from equine
sports that are a lot less humane then this one and have a LOT more equine
deaths then 8 a year, I have to say, I am impressed with the care you give
to these horses legs after a ride, I have learned a lot just reading these
messages. I think its great that there is such care in this sport for the
animal. I have been observing ride camp for a week now and there has been no
talk on the care of the rider just our equine friends. That is great.


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