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[RC] Horse Decisions/Suggestions Please - Ed Roley

My daughter is 17 and has stated she is ready to sell her horse because she is
not riding and has little interest in riding. Her horse is a beautiful 16H T-bred(Sadie)
which has done hunter/jumper (up to 4') stuff and has done a handful of 25's(fast
horse, usually 2:30 or less on 25's with daughter on board, FW). At Lexington
last year she was 2d BC behind me but I have nearly 100lbs on her! We cannot
keep a horse which isn't being "used" so here comes the decision. Wife says
I should sell my horse and train and ride Sadie for 25's and 50's. My horse is
a grade(Sawyer),15H, (no clue what kind of horse) which I have had 6 yrs and
been doing 25's & 50's on(only 350 miles of endurance). We finished 3rd HW
division at Nat'l Champ 2002 ride in a race to the wire with 2d place (guy bigger
than me on T-bred which could be Sadie's twin). I have an emotional tie to Sawyer
but do see the advantage of riding a larger, faster horse(would have had a shot at
2d had I been on Sadie at the end of the NC). Here is another factor.
I am not a "trained" rider. I got my horse, got on and rode. Sawyer and I have
learned together about what we want to do. I have noticed the few times I have
been on a well trained horse (Sadie is one of them) I tend to give them too much
leg and they want to go! I probably will ruin Sadie in regards to her good training
if I end up being the one on her back all the time(my daughter learned to ride correctly).
Now all of you experts can throw your 2 cents in and help me make a decision!
Thanks,                        Ed Roley