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[RC] shipping boots - Rides 2 Far

  I'm going to be buyin gor making a set of shipping boots 
What do you folks like?

I put shipping boots on both my guys *every* time I haul...even 5 miles
up the road. I don't care for the super tall ones because it gets HOT
here in the summer. Some of the newer ones seem to be made for Warmbloods
and if you tighten the velcro on tall ones a little Arab can hardly bend
his leg to step up in the trailer. 

I like the ones that are solid around the back and close across the front
(actually they overlap). That puts a solid piece across the vulnerable
tendon area. I want the wide velcro. The narrow ones seem to quit
holding. I believe mine have 5 fasteners.  Count the ones in the catalog
and go for higher numbers. 

I like the heavy cloth type. Don't care for the nylon, it slips when I
overlap to fasten. Mine have the fleece inside and that's been fine. I
want the shaped area that covers the hoof since that's where they're most
likely to step on themselves.  I don't mind a pointed area that sticks up
in the back to protect the hock, but don't want it over the area they
need to bend in the front. Just doesn't seem to be an area vulnerable to
injury and too hot.  The peak on the rear ones also makes it easier to
tell the front boots from the back. Makes for less confusion when putting
them on.

I have put them on in the summer when it was so hot I was worried they
would overheat. I dipped them in water first and found that wasn't a good
idea. The water ran down and made the trailer mats slick.


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