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Re: [RC] Horse Decisions/Suggestions Please - Jim Holland

Hmmmm...Ed, IMHO, this is a no brainer.  Unless your ultimate goal is to
see how fast you can go and see how often you can win, then stick with
Sawyer. It ain't about you...it ain't about the horse...it's about BOTH
of you.  The bond that develops between you over many, many miles is
what it's about.  It doesn't matter whether you finish first, middle of
the pack, or last. You get to know each other intimately. You know his
quirks and limitations and he's comfortable with you.  I think you would
lose the very thing that's epitomizes the spirit of "Endurance"....miles
and miles on the same horse.

I don't ride other people's horses, other than for fun...or just to show
a training technique.  After all the miles and time in the saddle, at
some point there's a "feeling" that occurs...and your post indicates
that you know what I mean.  I wouldn't trade Sunny for the best
Endurance horse in AERC.  He would not only give his all...but
everything if I asked....it THEN becomes a "responsibility" for each of
you to take care of the other and a "trust" develops that words can't
describe. It takes a long time to develop that bond...but you will "fer
sure" know when you get there.  Sounds to me like you're there....

Jim, Sun of Dimanche, and Mahada Magic

Ed Roley wrote:

My daughter is 17 and has stated she is ready to sell her horse
because she is
not riding and has little interest in riding. Her horse is a beautiful
16H T-bred(Sadie)
which has done hunter/jumper (up to 4') stuff and has done a handful
of 25's(fast
horse, usually 2:30 or less on 25's with daughter on board, FW). At
last year she was 2d BC behind me but I have nearly 100lbs on her! We
keep a horse which isn't being "used" so here comes the decision. Wife
I should sell my horse and train and ride Sadie for 25's and 50's. My
horse is
a grade(Sawyer),15H, (no clue what kind of horse) which I have had 6
yrs and
been doing 25's & 50's on(only 350 miles of endurance). We finished
3rd HW
division at Nat'l Champ 2002 ride in a race to the wire with 2d place
(guy bigger
than me on T-bred which could be Sadie's twin). I have an emotional
tie to Sawyer
but do see the advantage of riding a larger, faster horse(would have
had a shot at
2d had I been on Sadie at the end of the NC). Here is another factor.
I am not a "trained" rider. I got my horse, got on and rode. Sawyer
and I have
learned together about what we want to do. I have noticed the few
times I have
been on a well trained horse (Sadie is one of them) I tend to give
them too much
leg and they want to go! I probably will ruin Sadie in regards to her
good training
if I end up being the one on her back all the time(my daughter learned
to ride correctly).
Now all of you experts can throw your 2 cents in and help me make a
Thanks,                        Ed Roley

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[RC] Horse Decisions/Suggestions Please, Ed Roley