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[RC] Horse Decisions/Suggestions Please - Rides 2 Far

Wife says
I should sell my horse and train and ride Sadie for 25's and 50's. 

There is no such thing really as one horse that's better than another in
every situation...just one that's more appropriate for a particular
purpose. Your daughter's horse is probably worth more than Sawyer in the
open market since there are more kids doing 4-H, jumping etc than
heavyweights doing endurance. That does not mean he's a better
heavyweight endurance horse.

Sawyer has served you well. Sell her horse for maximum dollars and use
that to enjoy Sawyer. :-))  When you say her horse would have gotten you
second at the NC are you taking into account the fact that her horse may
have never gotten a heavyweight to mile 49?

Angie (who has seen you two together and thinks you're a great match!)

On Fri, 7 Feb 2003 19:24:56 -0500 "Ed Roley" <roleyed@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
My daughter is 17 and has stated she is ready to sell her horse 
because she is
not riding and has little interest in riding. Her horse is a 
beautiful 16H T-bred(Sadie)
which has done hunter/jumper (up to 4') stuff and has done a handful 
of 25's(fast 
horse, usually 2:30 or less on 25's with daughter on board, FW). At 
last year she was 2d BC behind me but I have nearly 100lbs on her! 
We cannot
keep a horse which isn't being "used" so here comes the decision. 
Wife says
I should sell my horse and train and ride Sadie for 25's and 50's. 
My horse is 
a grade(Sawyer),15H, (no clue what kind of horse) which I have had 6 
yrs and
been doing 25's & 50's on(only 350 miles of endurance). We finished 
3rd HW 
division at Nat'l Champ 2002 ride in a race to the wire with 2d 
place (guy bigger
than me on T-bred which could be Sadie's twin). I have an emotional 
tie to Sawyer
but do see the advantage of riding a larger, faster horse(would have 
had a shot at
2d had I been on Sadie at the end of the NC). Here is another 
I am not a "trained" rider. I got my horse, got on and rode. Sawyer 
and I have
learned together about what we want to do. I have noticed the few 
times I have 
been on a well trained horse (Sadie is one of them) I tend to give 
them too much 
leg and they want to go! I probably will ruin Sadie in regards to 
her good training
if I end up being the one on her back all the time(my daughter 
learned to ride correctly).
Now all of you experts can throw your 2 cents in and help me make a 
Thanks,                        Ed Roley

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