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Re: [RC] Howard...what's your point?] - Jim Holland

I still haven't heard the "Magic Words" in this discussion. LOG BOOKS!
Suggest all of you interested in this thread  look at what AERA does.
They simply don't have the problem.  Not saying we should do it EXACTLY
like AERA, but what they are doing WORKS! NO horse deaths.
NONE.....anyone care to offer an explanation why AERA can fix it and
AERC can't?  Why can't we take a "page" out of their book?....read that
"logbook". "History" on a rider and a horse tells all.  You can not only
identify the riders who don't know what they are doing (or don't care)
but horses that shouldn't be doing Endurance.

IMHO, Rider Education is not the solution...worthwhile, but ineffective.
If "education" worked, then all the campaigns against drunk driving
would fix THAT problem. Ain't gonna fix DUI....ain't gonna cure people
from killing horses.  Gonna have to do BETTER than that.

Jim, Sun of Dimanche+, and Mahada Magic

Maybe the answer is anytime you put a horse and rider combination in a
competitive situation you will have horse fatalities. Some might say
that no matter what we do, this is going to happen. They may even have a
point but, at least we would be able to say we put forth our best
efforts to reduce the numbers. A So, to answer John's question I guess
my point is there should be some reaction when a horse dies at an
endurance ride.  When more than 5 die in a year, there should be some
changes made.  When that happens two or three years in a row, some
serious changes should be made.


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