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[RC] Vitamin E/Selenium supplements - Patti Kuvik

These are the conversions:

PPM = mg per kg  1 kg = 2.2 lb
PPM /2.2 = mg per lb. / 16 = mg per oz
Selenium 154ppm /2.2 = 70mg per lb /16 = 4.38mg per oz

Vit E 11,200 IU per lb / 16 = 700 IU per oz

Personally, I'd be looking at calcium and magnesium (and analysing my feed
to check on mineral levels and ratio imbalances). I'd also want to know for
sure what my selenium levels are before taking a chance on
over-supplementing (either by bloodwork or hay analysis or feeding grass hay
only from a known
selenium deficient field) - it has a smaller safety range than most other
traces, around 6mg/day.
I'd be interested in Susan G.'s opinion.

Patti Kuvik
Vail AZ
(nutrition study addict but newbie here)

From: "Joslyn Seefeldt" <fibrfarm@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [RC]   Vitamin E/Selenium supplements

Good Morning:  Hoping someone has advice for muscle cramping issues.  My
horse has had several incidences of mild cramping during training rides and
this past weekend was pulled for lameness due to muscle cramping in the
Several riders recommended supplementing him with Vit E/Selenium.

I went to my feed mill and they do have a supplement there.  Label states
Vitamin E 11,200 IU/LB.  Selenium 154 PPM.
Ok, since I'm math handicapped  :) - how do I figure out how much to feed?


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