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Re: [RC] Overridden and Fit to Continue - Joe Long

On Tue, 26 Aug 2003 19:26:23 -0700 (PDT), sharp penny
<penelope_75647@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

..and I disagree. I feel the vet and rider should be able
to talk in order to best assess the horse and do what is in
the horses best interest. The vet dosn't know what is
normal for your horse, or dosn't know how the horse acted
on the trail before the VC. A rider can help shed light on
issues, that in turn, helps the vet in his/her assesment. I
for one am very thankful the vet listens to me and weighs
what I say with how my horse looks, ...

I haven't read all the posts on this topic, but I agree with you.  If
what they said about FEI is true, I feel that is a big mistake, and
among other things contributes to creating an adversarial relationship
between riders and vets.  That is very much NOT in the best interests
of the horse, IMO.

I also believe that it is both good and proper to take a rider's known
history with the horse into account when making a pull decision in
marginal situations.  Otherwise, all of us are pulled down to the same
level as the worst riders out there -- if the vet has to "assume the
worst" no matter the experience or record of the rider, we are being
treated equally all right -- equally badly!

Part of the concept that the vets are there to help riders complete
the ride safely, is that there is an implied partnership between vets
and riders.  That partnership is best served if the vet is able to not
only act on information from the rider, but to base a pull decision on
how he reasonably expects the rider to care for the horse.  My


Joe Long


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[RC] Overridden and Fit to Continue, Howard Bramhall
Re: [RC] Overridden and Fit to Continue, sharp penny