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Re: [RC] High headedness and arabs and martingales - Zephyr Arabians

--- Karen Williams <karen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Put on the halter, then the bridle (with snaffle
bit) over the halter.  Get a pair of very long reins
with snaps on the ends.  Clip the snap to the rings
at the top of the halter, run the reins through the
snaffle bit, down between the front legs and up over
the back.  

The problem with this sort of rig is that while it may
teach the horse to drop his head it can also teach him
to drop his back.  You really want the horse to USE
his neck & back, which will eventually involve the
neck arching and the back lifting as the horse uses
it's abdominal muscles and hindquarters -- everything
is interconnected.  The classical way to bit a horse
for lunging is with a surcingle, crupper, and side
reins; it may cost more to buy the equipment, but it's
worth it, IMO.  The classical biting rig will allow
you to adjust where the reins are positioned (which
ring on the surcingle) and how tight they are, both
during the lesson and as the training progresses.

Having said all that, I *do* own -- and very
occationally use -- a rig such as Karen described, but
made out of surgical tubing (very stretchy).  

Lunging, done correctly, is an important part of
training.  Even "finished" horses can benefit from an
occational lunge session.


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Re: [RC] High headedness and arabs and martingales, Karen Williams